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There are many reasons why you should have Toronto Web Design and Development company design a web site for you and just as many reasons why should choose Woodbridge Servers Toronto Web Hosting to host your website.

We focus our online efforts on providing both novices and IT professionals with a complete web product that gives you everything you need to step onto the Internet scene quickly and trouble-free - cost-effective web hosting plans with domains and e-mail features, FREE web design and web content tools, and lots of guarantees for your online success.

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[06/25/2008] Elefante PHP script automatic installation is now included in the packages! Read More

10 GB Transfer | 50 Emails | 1 Domain Hosted | 5 FTP | 10 MySQL
20 GB Transfer | 100 Emails | 3 Domain Hosted | 10 FTP | 20 MySQL
50 GB Transfer | 200 Emails | 10 Domain Hosted | 20 FTP | 50 MySQL
100 GB Transfer | Unlimited : Emails, Domain Hosted, FTP & MySQL

24x7 Customer Support

Providing quality, cost effective products and services is the obligation of every business. Our affordable web hosting is just a small part of the service we provide. [MORE]

Elefante Free Scripts

The Elefante Installer is a FREE PHP web application services installer. You can use it to install various PHP script packages automatically through your control panel. [MORE]


Demo Account

Explore our easy to use control panel. Different great looking skins are available in many colour schemes.

To get an idea of the potentialities of Woodbridge Web Services Control Panel, we provide you with a demo account. Woodbridge Web Services Multi-Language Control Panel supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, German, Russian and Bulgarian. [MORE]

Domain Names

Domain name is a unique word, or a couple of words, usually associated with an IP address, that represents a special place on the Internet. You need a domain name because it gives a name of your place in the biggest society in the world - the World Wide Web.

In addition, as a reseller you have full access to your clients' accounts and to detailed statistics of all your sales. [MORE]

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