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We lay emphasis on the word "easy". Easy to use - without the need of having special technical knowledge and skills. Easy to install - simply with a few clicks of the mouse. We offer the clients who subscribe to any of our web hosting plans the following special bonuses, which are free of charge:

Elefante Installer

Elefante Installer is an online-based software that allows installation and management of PHP scripts directly from the web hosting Control Panel. The scripts' list includes about 40 pre-configured up-to-date FREE scripts, and new ones are being added continuously. The scripts are grouped in 13 categories, among them E-Commerce, Ad Management, Blog, Discussion Boards, Image Galleries, Portal Systems, Calendars and others.


SiteStudio is a FREE web design tool suitable for all kinds of users. You do not have to be an expert in graphic design, HTML code or web programming. By using some of the more than 70 templates offered by SiteStudio, you can create your own unique, professional-looking website in 10 to 15 minutes...

Marketing and Administration Tools
Marketing and Adminsitration Tools

All of our packages include easy-to-use marketing tools that will help you increase the popularity of your web site, by submitting automatically its contents to search engines and by letting you publish news or stories on its pages. Another set of administration tools, such as Hotlink Protection, IP blocking and an .htaccess Generator, will protect your web site against unsolicited online actions.

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